Thank you for the support for the Maritzburg City Marathon these past few years.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, we have decided that the 2019 event was the last Maritzburg City Marathon.

The reasons are too many to list here, but, not least of them is the lack of meaningful financial support from the City of Pietermaritzburg/Msunduzi. Certain individuals within the municipality are extremely supportive but, in the main, they appear not to care at all.

The internal political struggle between the factions within Msunduzi as well as the disinformation campaign carried out by the suspended KZNA board against ASA affected our build-up dramatically.

In an effort to save on costs, and thus save the event, we did all the admin and entries ourselves. A small group did all the number preparation and packing. This meant 18 to 20 hour days from mid-January until the race. This impacted heavily on our day jobs and our health. All this with no reward save the enjoyment of the participants.

We also doubt this City’s capacity to sustain an event of this size. The attitude of motorists and their aggression, lack of respect for uniformed officers and disregard for the rules of the road a frightening.

Add the athletes’ disregard for the rules of the sport, infrastructure placed for their benefit and inconsiderate actions as both pedestrians and drivers, after they have finished, towards other athletes still participating, and one fears that, sometime soon, someone will be injured or possibly killed. The most disappointing aspect was the number of runners clearly running in other peoples’ numbers.

This decision has not been taken lightly and is, probably, a year past when it should have been made.

Thank you all for your friendship, support and we wish all athletes well for the future.

We are very proud to have successfully delivered this event, with the help of amazing volunteers and partners, for the past 23 years.