Run the reindeer ragged

As Christmas, and the break most of us take at this time, come steaming inexorably towards us, we may become overpowered by consumerism. The little fat man in the red coat and his team of reindeer draw us into the stores. We tend to lose sight of the real spirit of peace and goodwill that should fill our beings and, instead, look to the glitter of tinsel and the rustle of wrapping paper. Too fast the bonus disappears on frivolous spending.

It’s a busy time of the year. Despite being on holiday, even if only for the long weekends that we are allowed, we battle to maintain routines and make time for our training.
It’s easy to be too busy for that afternoon run or miss the morning walk to lie in because it’s holidays. Office parties and visits with friends. Trips to the beach or the mall. Packing for the holidays. Excuses abound!

Why don’t we use this time differently? Run a little later in the day and enjoy the warmth. Take that walk at night after supper because you can lie in in the morning. See the world around you at different times and close up, as you can only do on your feet.

If you’re fortunate enough to be away from home for the holidays, take jogs along the beach or through the countryside. It’s amazing how that half hour along the footpath will refresh you and take away the guilt of the extra mince pie or custard on the Christmas pudding.

This is a time when each of us can look back at the year past and reflect. There’s no rush so use the time out to clear your mind. It’s a time when we could put that gentle run or walk to good use. Look around and be grateful for the blessings we do enjoy. Be thankful for the peace and good will that most South Africans carry in their hearts.

If you have the opportunity, share some goodwill with those less fortunate. When you stop at the corner cafe for your Coke or the garage for water, why not quietly buy that guy, sitting dejected in the gutter, a coffee and/or pie. The less fanfare – the better you’ll feel. He will remember you for the rest of his life.

Above all, wherever you are, run and walk with a smile on your face and greet every person you pass. It’s amazing what a gentle “hello” or “good evening”, said with a smile, can do for your fellow man and you.

Enjoy the holidays, if you are fortunate to have the time off. Enjoy the company of family and friends. Enjoy the opportunity to feel good and relax.

When the Christmas weekend – all four days of it – has passed, you can get that mind around New Year’s resolutions. Setting goals and making plans.

So long as you keep the legs and mind ticking over, you’ll be ready to pick up the program and get yourself back on track to enjoy the Witness Medihelp Maritzburg City marathon, powered by Clover and Khayelihle, at the end of February.

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We at the Witness Medihelp Maritzburg City marathon, powered by Clover and Khayelihle wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a healthy, safe and happy 2017.

Remember – You don’t have to go far or fast; you just have to go!