Rules of running

The road running season gets under way in all earnestly this weekend. A couple of weeks back we touched on rules but focussed on etiquette. Now’s the time to take a serious look at terminology and rules, as they affect you. The Kearsney hosted half marathon and 10km are on tomorrow at Botha’s Hill. Start is at 6am and the cost is R120 and R90 respectively. Temp licences are available at an additional R35 each. Entries can be made at Kearsney between 12 noon and 5H00 today. No entries will be taken Sunday, before the start. For more information you can call 0828850788 and speak to Belinda.

Rules affect your driving on the road’ whether you be the fastest sports car or the slowest heavy. Same in running. Obviously to different degrees.
When you enter a race, be aware of the specific rules of that event. ASA doesn’t demand you run in club colours but the event may, if you are a club member, and your club would like you to, anyway. However, if there is a possibility that you may make up the team prize, if one is on offer, then club kit is mandatory.

Age category prizes often apply in the minor placings, to folk who least expect it. More often than not, three or four folk get ruled out for not wearing or wearing the wrong category tag, especially amongst the older runners and junior ladies. Remember that, for juniors, the year you turn 20 is your first year as a senior. That is, if your 20th birthday is between 1 January and 31 December this year, you need to take those J’s off. For the rest of us, the change comes on your birthday. It’s always a good thing to have a photocopy of your ID in your kit back, just in case the referees need verification for the results. There are many “young” (looking) ladies who appear to be running in their “mother’s” vests.

Remember, always, that, male or female, you must have a top on at all times during an event and your ASA licence number and age category tags need to be worn on the front and back of your crop top, vest or T shirt.

This brings us to the newest rule applicable as of right now and which will affect all of you. If a race number is issued for a specific event, as happens with most “chip timed events”, you must wear your ASA licence numbers under the race number but the ASA logo (and obviously anything above it) must be visible above your race number. This applies equally I you are purchasing and issued an ASA temporary licence. Remember, a temporary licence is event specific. You must buy a new one for each event – better to join a club and get an annual licence.

Remember to comply with as many rules as you possibly can. It will save a lot of acrimony and save you being unnecessarily upset. We’re all out on the road to enjoy ourselves and you’re disciplined enough to train, be disciplined enough to obey the rules and etiquette we spoke of a couple of weeks back.

If you forget part of your kit or a number, etc, ask an official or referee. They’ll happily advise and assist you. They, also, want you to enjoy and achieve your best.

Don’t worry how far or how fast you go – JUST GO!